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Some of the Applause we've received

"Dear Marcie, There are no words that can express my thoughts, feelings and gratitude adequately when I think of everything you did to make our wedding exactly what we desired it to be! You spent the time getting to know us and all your work helped us to truly enjoy our magical weekend. Your hard work, integrity, creativity and your amazing energy helped us alleviate so much stress for us both. The biggest bonus is the connection we made and the opportunity to become friends. You are truly a joy and I look forward to spending more time together!"


Jennifer Newcomer, Bride

"Marcie, We want to say Thank You for making Cody and Paul's wedding enjoyable for us. Your experience and talents made something very stressful into something fabulous. You have a team of experienced, talented and professional. We enjoyed our time with you and hope to see you when we return to Louisville."

Kim and Brian Judd, Parents

"Marcie, As we approach this weekend, we find ourselves reflecting on where we were this time last year. Zach and I could not be more grateful for each and every thing you did for us for our big day! Not only did you allow us to enjoy every moment of that weekend, but not once did I have to think about anything but enjoy the moment I was in. In preparation you calmed my nerves and I always trusted and knew things would turn out just right. You and your team worked so hard for us and we can't tell you how much we appreciate it! You forever left us with amazing moments and a day we will never forget. Thank you for all you did for us, we were blessed to have you with us every step of the way."

Katherine and Zach

"Marcie, Words cannot express my gratitude for all you did to make Elizabeth’s and James’ wedding special and spectacular. You are so talented and I thank God for placing you in my path. I will always have a special place for you in my heart. Thanks again."


Cathy, Mother of the Bride

"You really did an amazing job making this wedding weekend so unforgettable. You and your staff have given us so, so many wonderful memories to cherish. I simply cannot thank you enough. PS Our suite, the roses, the champagne were a perfect way to end a great day.  Not expected, and much appreciated."

Ed Nasief


"Marcie, Words cannot express how much we appreciate everything you did to make this wedding weekend absolutely perfect. You did not miss one detail. Not only was everything breathtaking, there was a very special touch with every detail. There are many people that do their job well, but then there are those that are great because they do what I call "and then some" You don't "do the job" you are great at what you do!

We appreciate you so much! Thank you."



"Mark and I extend our heartfelt thanks to you and appreciation for your expertise in "dream weaving"!"

 Lynn Kay Manship, Mother of the Bride

"Tim and I thank you with all of our hearts for everything you did to make one of the most important days of our lives perfect.  Thank you for allowing us to put all of our trust in you.  You are surpassed our expectations.  We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you.  The experience was delightful and fun -

I wish we could do it all over again!"   

Allison and Tim McKinsey

"Marcie and Sarah (and Emily)! Thank you all so much for everything you did for Sara and Ryan’s wedding! It was SOOO stunning. Every detail was thought of and perfected. You all are the best! Sara is so lucky that she had such a great team helping her on Saturday! I had such a wonderful time and I know Sara and Ryan did too. It was everything they hoped it would be and more. Thank you SO much for the programs, menu cards and for finding my selfie-stick (HA!). I really appreciate the personal delivery to my desk! Amazing. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

 Julie Stevens


"Marcie and Sarah, What a weekend! Thank you both so, so much for making our wedding so wonderful. I showed up on the day of and walked to the tent mentally thinking "I'm sure I didn't get everything I wanted, but it will be beautiful regardless" and then there it was - everything! "Everything" never could have been a reality without you two and I will forever thank you in the back of my mind when I reflect on how smooth, relaxed, and beautiful my wedding day was. I look forward to sharing our pictures and more stories from our special day, but wanted to make sure I expressed my gratitude as soon as possible."



"Marcie and Sarah, Who would have imagined that you could pull this off in five weeks! You didn't just make it happen, you listened to every wish and along with your incredibly talented team, created a paradise in a clearing in the woods, an hour away from anything (like phone reception). Thanks for acting like this was perfectly normal- Sarah, you were were on top of everything before we even knew that we needed it. The only thing required of us was to relax and enjoy every moment. We will treasure our time together for years to come."

   Susan Bishop


"I want to thank you again for all you did for Tyler and Dan, the entire family (including the Lawson’s) and especially me. Your guidance along the way and reassurance that everything would turn out fine helped me through the planning and “adjustment” to just how much Tyler’s dream wedding was going to cost! You made sure it was worth every penny.

We all know there were things that didn’t go according to plan last Friday but to me it is what gave Tyler and Dan’s wedding its own unique character and made it memorable in a positive way. Having you there the day of the wedding made it so Kathy and I could completely enjoy ourselves and having you during the planning process made it fun.

I really believe we had the best of all the vendors available to make Tyler and Dan’s dream come true but you were the glue that made it all work. I can truly say I’m going to miss the meetings, discussions with you and the anticipation of the big day. (The estimates ….. not so much.)"


Gordon Huncilman, Father of the Bride


"Wow…what a week! Not having been through this experience before I had no expectations of what my son's wedding would be like for me. All I know is I was not nervous and I felt everything was under control which I give you all the credit for those feelings. And that was a great feeling to have walking into the church. I just wish there was a way to slow it down and capture every second of the night. Others tell you the night will go fast, you just don't expect it to go that fast. I appreciated your help and friendship so much throughout the planning. You were a good sounding block for me and led me in the right direction to plan an amazing rehearsal dinner and wedding. I hope to stay in touch. You became a good friend through all of this. The happiest of holidays to you and your family!" 

Mary Ann Harritt


"We just want to thank you for helping us put together the wedding of our daughter's dreams! It was absolutely beautiful beyond our imagination, and stress-free, thanks to you..."

Robert and Carole Davis, Parents of the Bride

"I can't thank you enough for your help. After researching and reviewing several possibilities, Julia and I clearly made the right decision in choosing A Thorough Fare to coordinate one of the most important events in our lifetime."

Timothy J. Higgins, Father of the Bride


"You were indeed a God send and an incredible blessing to me and our family! You embraced our vision from the beginning, gave us great ideas, took our own ideas and put us with absolutely people who could make it all happen in a most spectacular and God honoring way! I could not have begun to do what you did so expertly in a million years!"

Patti Barron, Mother of the Bride

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the wonderful work you do at the weddings we play for you and your clients. It's impressive to see you at every meeting I have with the bride regarding her ceremony music. Your suggestions and comments are always valuable and always seem to guide the bride to a thoughtful decision..."

Jack Griffin, Commonwealth Musicians


"You were everything we hoped for and more. The decision to hire a wedding planner for the last few weeks was one of the best decisions we made!...You were indispensable...You helped Porter's dreams come true and this mother-of-the-bride is forever grateful!"


Debbie Houston, Mother of the Bride




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