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Tips for our Couples

Here is a checklist for your wedding countdown from 12 months until your wedding day. Remember, if you are planning a wedding for over a year away, the more you get done now will be the less you have to do within the year. Also, don't be intimidated if you are planning for under a year. With a little extra work and organizational skills, you can have the wedding you have always wanted in 3-6 months! 


12 Months Before

  • Announce your engagement

  • Have two sets of parents meet if they haven't already

  • Decide on a date

  • Choose the type of wedding you would like

  • Go over the budget with anyone who is contributing to the cost

  • Pick the ceremony site and visit with the officiator

  • Start looking at reception sites, put some holds on

9 Months Before

  • Decide on whether you will need a wedding planner

  • Select your wedding party

  • Book a reception site

  • Enroll in a bridal gift registry

  • Shop for a gown

  • Shop for attendants dresses

  • Choose a photographer and videographer

  • Shop and select a florist

  • Decide on your entertainment and book them

  • Book your transportation

6 Months Before

  • Order invitations, thank you cards and other stationary

  • Shop for rings

  • Order your wedding gown

  • Select tuxedos for groom and ushers

  • Shop for hotel rooms for out of town guests

  • Meet with caterer with any reception questions

  • Complete guest list

  • Arrange rehearsal dinner

4 Months Before

  • Call municipal offices for license instructions

  • Make honeymoon arrangements, secure passports, if needed

  • Outline ceremony and select music

  • Shop for bridal party gifts

  • Confirm order with florist

  • Screen and select reception music

  • If not included with caterer, order wedding cake

  • Finalize honeymoon plans

  • Meet with and rental agents for party or reception supplies

6 to 8 Weeks Before

  • Set up a system for guest responses, start blocking tables

  • Mail invitations 8 weeks before date

  • Do a hair and make up run through (with headpiece)

  • Schedule final dress fitting

  • List any changes you need to make once you are married (license, insurance, name change)

2 to 4 Weeks Before

  • Choose all accessories you will wear

  • Begin seating arrangements for reception

  • Confirm details with caterer, florist. etc.

  • Give caterer a final head count and floor plan

  • Make your appointments for hair, make-up, massage, nails etc.

  • Send engagement photo with wedding announcement to newspaper

  • Prepare lists for ushers, bridesmaids, band, videographer and photographer

One Week Before

  • Host any luncheon; confirm arrival times and appointments

  • Prepare envelopes with fees for clergy, transportation, band, maitre'd

  • Give revised head count to caterer

  • Arrange time to drop off cake knife, favors, cake topper, seating cards to caterer

  • Get manicure, facials, haircut and other beauty treatments over with

  • Pack for honeymoon; arrange for transportation of luggage

  • Have car serviced if you are doing a lot of driving

  • Wrap gifts for attendants and any other recipients

The Day Before

  • Greet and settle out of town guests

  • Reduce stress by going to the gym, walking, or a hobby

  • Arrange beauty touch ups before rehearsal dinner

  • Attend rehearsal dinner

  • Secure rings and license with someone trustworthy

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